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15.12.2007 - You know you're Hungarian if...

You know you're Hungarian if...

... nobody can properly pronounce your last name.

... nobody can properly pronounce your first name.

... you love "Túró Rudi" and you know that "csak a pöttyös az igazi".

... you watched Walt Disney cartoons each Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

... your parents had at least a "Lada", "Kispolszki" or a "Trabant".

... your grandma makes the best “palacsinta”.

... you know that "kürtöskalács" is not a pyramid cake.

... your grandparents drink "pálinka" like water.

... you do too.

... you perpetually have to teach people how to pronounce "Mosonmagyaróvár", "Győr" and "Hegyeshalom".

... you greet elderly people with "Csókolom!" even when you're 18.

... everybody thinks that you're skinny only because you don't eat enough.

... you being a girl, smell like a mixture of 20 different perfumes on Easter Monday.

... you being a boy, run around with your mother's old perfumes to earn more red Easter eggs on Easer Monday.

... you can't hear "Zöld erdőben jártam, kék ibolyát láttam..." anymore and you can't stand looking for Easter eggs in the garden anymore.

... you can't see ham for a year after Easter.

... your grandparents put too much "Erős Pista" in the "halászlé" because it tastes better.

... you don't want to know what "haltej" really is.

... you know where the "éjjel nappali" is located on the "Moszkva Tér".

... you watched "Esti mese" with the "tévé maci" each night before going to sleep.

... you know and you like "Süsü a sárkány".

... you struggle to survive on August 20th to watch the fireworks.

... you and your family are always spending your vacation at the "Balaton".

... you don't care about articles.

... you keep finding things everywhere.

... you can't say often enough "Budapest, not Bucarest...!"

... you have no clue where the "metrópótló busz" station is.

... you never heard anybody say anything positive about politics.

... you can't imagine a summer without "sziget".

... all your parents' guests say when they see you how grown up you became.

... you don't know at least half of the people at family celebrations.

... nobody believes that you don't understand Finnish.

... at least once your mobile phone or your purse got stolen.

... you associate with the "Nyugati" station "tartós elem 4 darab egy 100as".

... you think that "Téli szalámi" is the best peperoni of the world.

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18.12.2007 - How you know...

written by Anonymous
Seems like I'm Hungarian after all...though I don't think you can eat too much ham... :)


1.10.2010 - Untitled Comment

written by Anonymous
Teliszalami IS the best cold cut out there!!!!

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